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  • How do I get started with the restoration process?
    Send us a message or hit 'request a quote' on the top, right hand side of the site! Make sure to add clear pictures and some background on what has happened to the bag, and what you would like to get done to your bag. We will then get back to you!
  • What is the typical turn-around time for a restoration?
    We aim to get your cherished items back to you within three weeks. If your restoration will require some extra TLC, or if something comes up mid-restoration, we will keep you in the loop and discuss a new time-line.
  • Do you offer an expedited restoration services?
    Depending on the restoration type, that may be possible. If you need your item back in less than three weeks, let us know in the 'Request a quote' form, or via email, and we will get back to you with an answer!
  • Can I restore a handbag that has previously been restored by another service?
    Yes! This will most-likely add to the lead-time. But it is definitely possible.
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