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The Black Chanel

Chanel 2.55 Reissue

Fun fact: Chanel bags did not have the classic CC logo as the clasp, that was actually introduced in the 80's and designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The clasps seen in the Reissue were designed by Coco and originally released in 1955, only for Karl to 'reissue' them in 2005 on the brands 50th anniversary. Did you know that the Chanel tufted diamond style originated from the clothing Coco saw men wearing at the races and in stables?


This bag had a wild night out and landed on a candle! It originally belonged to my clients mother, and not long after passing it on, it was burnt and chucked into a suitcase for half a decade! When it was handed over to Renu, the burn hole had been covered with tape and machine stitching over that. The stitches were done along the centre of the Chanel tufted diamonds, leaving an imprint and holes in the tufts.



After removing the tape and stitches, the larger hole was trimmed into a square and a replacement piece of leather was bonded in. The stitch-holes were filled and the replacement leather was stitched in line with the original Chanel pattern and airbrushed over.



Stay tuned to see the completed Chanel bag and the impact its completion has had on the client!

Coming Soon
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